Obama Tries for Geek Cred with ASCII Art

March 9th, 2012
by Tim Resnik

It’s not exactly like he came up with the idea, but at least he didn’t stop it.

If you view the source of the  barackobama.com you will see the following piece of ASCII art commented at the top of the HTML doc.

Obama ASCII art


The technological difference between Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s website is stark. Some may even say symbolic, but that’s not for this type of blog. Barry’s web team is using HTML5  and has enough time (and money) on hand to make ASCII art. If you jump over to Mitt Romney’s site and see what is going on, you’ll notice that it is coded up in a more antiquated version of HTML( XHTML 1.0) – not quite  cutting edge. It also uses the free, open-source content management system Drupal (great product by the way), which if nothing else is financially inline with fiscal conservative values — perhaps Newt should have taken a page out of this book.


On a separate but somewhat-related note: In the 2008 election we some the Barack Obama campaign leverage social media very effectively to build a grass-roots campaign that raised a record amount of money. I predict in this election we will see the Obama campaign innovate using geo-social/mobile applications. After all, he did join Foursquare a few months back.

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