We are small by design. Big search marketing agencies suffer from an inability to bring the brightest minds to any given project. We went the other direction. Every bit of strategy work and virtually all the tactical implementation is performed by us. There is no disconnect between our experience and the work output our clients receive.

What makes us different:

We dedicate the majority of our work time to client projects

Although speaking engagements, blog posts, and search conferences can be productive, we greatly limit our time spent on them. Our business development is less important than the work we do for our clients. Find out how much time an agency founder or superstar will actually be spending on your campaign. We bet it will be significantly less than what we would spend on it.

We provide Enterprise-level search and social consulting for a reasonable price

You’re paying for a lot of overhead at an agency: Administration costs, business development, travel, and a healthy profit margin for the executive team. AudienceWise is as close to a model of  pay-for-what-you-get as you can find in the consulting world.

We have experience merging web strategy with other marketing objectives. We know how to play nice with TV, print, and other media

SEO is a set of tactics that improve search engine visibility and traffic acquisition. It’s great, but it works best when it leverages bigger picture marketing objectives inside a company. “SEO done in a vacuum” is usually the reason companies churn through SEO consultants and redo their strategy year after year. We get that, and our campaigns are not color-by-numbers. Our experience working with many verticals in the publishing world allows us to design smart SEO campaigns that provide true growth, year after year.

Speaking of experience, we’re proud of ours

The company’s founders, Matthew Brown and Tim Resnik, bring a complimentary mix of corporate and agency marketing experience to the table. Matthew has experience as Director of Search Strategy at and as Co-Founder/COO of a New York Times in-house digital marketing agency. Tim has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and corporate project management, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer for Card Player magazine. We’ve seen a lot of online marketing battles, and have the scars to prove it.