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Google Music Beta Unwrapping Party

June 2nd, 2011
by Tim Resnik

Ever since I first started downloading MP3s in the late 90s, I was intrigued by the concept of being able to detach myself  from the physical medium that music was delivered on (CDs) and the devices that read the medium and delivered content to my ears. Well the former became a reality for me with my first iPod and it looks like the latter is about to hit the mainstream. With Monday’s announcement of iCloud by Apple, Amazon’s fully functional Cloud Drive and Google’s beta launch of Google Music I feel that we are finally at the beginning of having our content follow us where ever we go and it’s pretty exciting. Here’s a a breakdown of my virtual unwrapping of Google Music Beta.

First, I received an email in which I probably got way to excited about. My biz partner here at AW did not receive one so I felt pretty special. He received his 10 minutes later, and I came back to reality that my email was probably just earlier in the queue.

I clicked the link in my email and was taken to the following welcome screen:

Next, I was asked to accept the obligatory terms and conditions in which I read thoroughly (not really). I was then given the option to add free songs from a failry generic list of genres.

Next I was given the option to download the free desktop manager in which I did. Nothing too special here: you tell it where your music is and it scans and uploads it to the cloud for you. You can also set it to upload any new music you add to your computer automatically. Finally, I was taken to what Google calls it’s “Music Player”. As you can see below it is pretty vanilla, but fairly intuitive and easy to use. All the music in there is the free music that Google added for me.

My one complaint is that they don’t make it too easy to discover and buy new music. The user has to click on the thumbnail and select “shop this artist”. This then takes you to a Google Shopping search result where you can comparison shop from various retailers. I assume that once Google works out a deal with the record labels they will have their own iTunes type of store, but in the mean time the shopping experience is pretty clunky.