Audience Development
for Publishers and News Sites

If there’s not a positive ROI in a news site’s digital strategy, it needs a rethink from the bottom up. We can help.

It’s not profitable or much fun making ourselves obsolete, but it happens to be the goal of our Audience Development campaigns for publishers and news sites. Tim and Matthew bring years of deep market experience to all our campaigns, and we do all the strategy and implementation work ourselves. Traffic and revenue continue to move up and to the right long after we’re no longer consulting.

These campaigns cover all of the following ground, with proper attention paid to integration points with content, technical, marketing and executive teams:

Technical SEO Audits –  The search engines continue to place a premium on clean architecture, site speed,  and relevant internal link structure. We provide detailed technical SEO analysis and road maps for driving significantly more search traffic to your properties.

Semantic Web Strategy – Hearing ‘Web 3.0′ might make you cringe, but linked data relationships are going to be a very important arena for serious online publishers. We are fluent in the languages and technologies of the semantic web and can help you make intelligent implementation decisions for your structured data.

Data-Driven Marketing  - The right analytics are the engine that should drive  your overall digital marketing objectives. We help you tie it all together by marrying market experience with the right internal and external data. No more gunning it on instinct and hoping for the best.

Our Process:

If you’re ready to jump from a piecemeal audience development strategy into a smarter digital publishing strategy, let us know.